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Twain trip’s low-point: Theft in San Francisco

During our short stop in San Francisco last Wednesday, the van’s passenger-side window was shattered, and all of our stuff was stolen. Or more accurately, not all of our stuff, but two laptops, a beautiful Panasonic … Read more >>

Happy Birthday, Mark Twain!

Today is Samuel Clemens’ 176th birthday. And, consequently, another reason for us to order dessert. Alyssa

Trip update: We’ve recalculated our estimated distance

Original estimates pegged the Twain Trip as a 9,000-mile journey. Laughable! Our odometer probably knew this from the beginning, but 9,000 miles is much too conservative for a three-month road trip. We’ve hit 8,500 miles, and … Read more >>

Lexington Herald-Leader columnist Merlene Davis pessimistic about true equality

On a Friday afternoon, Merlene Davis is playfully cussing out John Carroll, her former editor. We’re in a cold first-floor conference room of the Lexington Herlad-Leader, and Carroll had recommended we talk to Davis during our … Read more >>

Culinary delights in Iowa

In Iowa, carrot cake and steak coexist so easily. How Midwestern. Alyssa