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A story of hope, not hopelessness, in Julesburg, Colorado

With hours to drive before reaching the night’s Not-So-Super-8 Motel, we stopped in Julesburg, Colorado, for only one hour, the time Mark Twain spent there on his 1,700-mile stagecoach ride west in 1861 to Carson City, … Read more >>

In the middle of white Nebraska, Lexington is almost two-thirds Hispanic

“The writing was on the wall,” says Rev. Paul J. Colling, the 54-year-old pastor of St. Ann’s Catholic Church, Lexington, Nebraska, who also serves as vicar for Hispanic issues for the Grand Island diocese, 50,000 square … Read more >>

Visiting the Matthew Shepard murder site, 13 years later

After Matthew Shepard’s bloodied and frozen body was found tied to a buck fence on October 7, 1998, the city of Laramie, Wyo., changed the names of the streets. On a wintry day, at the intersection … Read more >>

The Pyros of Seattle’s Gas Works Park

Our last night on this amazing Twain adventure. I encountered some fire spinners at the top of the hill at Gas Works Park in Seattle. It’s hard to derive symbolism from these images, so I didn’t … Read more >>

Happy Birthday, Mark Twain!

Today is Samuel Clemens’ 176th birthday. And, consequently, another reason for us to order dessert. Alyssa