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Washington, D.C.

Mark Twain, an 18-year-old Philadelphia printer, vacationed for about four days in February 1854 in Washington, D.C. He was not impressed by the weather, a snowstorm, or the seat of government. In a letter to the Hannibal Journal, he skewered the out-of-place buildings (“like so many palaces in a Hottentot village”) and lackluster Senate (“Its halls no longer echo the words of a Clay, or Webster, or Calhoun…the void is felt”). He returned to Washington in 1867 as private secretary to Nevada’s Senator W. M. Stewart and later made capital politics the target of “My late Senatorial Secretaryship,” “The Facts in the Case of the Great Beef Contract” and other satirical pieces. He sat for a striking Matthew Brady photo in Washington in July 1870. Later he testified before Congress on copyright reform and lobbied repeatedly against the cruel treatment and mass murder of Congo citizens (the Congo government felt it had to respond with a pamphlet, An Answer to Mark Twain).

October 29-November 1

Posts from Washington, D.C.

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