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Hartford, CT

Mark Twain at Wikimedia Commons

Mark Twain was rarely photographed grinning or naked. This was probably taken in Hartford in 1884.

Hartford, Connecticut’s capital and America’s insurance capital, was home to Mark Twain’s for longer than any other community, 1871-91, though he typically spent summers in Elmira and traveled the world to lecture and write. Twain’s 25-room Picturesque Gothic house, with glass conservatory, large library and billiard room, is now the key attraction of the Mark Twain House & Museum, a National Historic Landmark. Forced by money woes to move to Europe in 1891, Twain’s family never lived in Hartford again. The death of daughter Susy in 1896 made it too painful for Twain’s wife, Olivia, to return to the Hartford home. It was sold in 1903.

October 18-October 20

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