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Old Sturbridge Village printer shows us how it’s done

Though the period represented by Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum in Sturbridge, Mass., is slightly earlier than when Samuel Clemens worked as a printer, the Village’s printer, 62-year-old William Contino, demonstrates what it was … Read more >>

Longtime restauranteur opens up about the state of Southbridge, Mass., and how to make eggplant parm

Dan Tham’s videos capture two of the Mario Picciones I know from my 26 years, 1969 to 1995, of putting out the Southbridge (Mass.) Evening News. As the owner for decades of Mario’s, a local restaurant, … Read more >>

Memories of a mill town: Simple acts of kindness in Southbridge

Videos on YouTube portray Southbridge, Mass., as a dying mill town of loonies and losers. A snippet from producer Rod Murphy’s “Greater Southbridge” documentary makes Jerry Sciesnewski, a stuttering collector of empty soda and beer cans, … Read more >>

Unbanning a Twain book…more than a century later

As his 40th birthday approached, Mark Twain joined walking buddy Rev. Joe Twichell on a hundred-mile hike from Hartford to Boston. They walked 35 miles to North Ashford, Conn., before Twain’s aching knee joints and the … Read more >>