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Slave descendant John F. Baker Jr. teaches us about Wessyngton Plantation

The parents of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) moved with slaves to Missouri, where he was born, from Tennessee, where he was conceived. So we sought a Tennessee location where we could experience the life and death … Read more >>

Small Jamestown, Tennessee makes the most of Mark Twain

While Mark Twain never visited or lived in Jamestown, Tennessee, the town makes the most of its claim that Mark Twain was conceived somewhere, sometime within its borders. Skidmore Garrett, attorney and owner of the Mark … Read more >>

A Twain trip first: Casualty in Nashville

I woke up with the light in my eyes, because I have been sleeping with at least one lamp on every night since the start of this trip (Embarrassing Admission #1). Vestigial childhood anxiety about the … Read more >>