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Money, Mississippi: A beginning place for the civil rights revolution

We have stopped at what remains of Bryant’s Grocery & Meat Market, Money, Mississippi, site of an incident that led to a brutal murder that helped kick-start the civil rights revolution. On August 14, 1955, Emmett … Read more >>

David Beckley transforms Rust College and its student body

In traveling the country, I’m often impressed by those who do not travel—people who stay put and devote their lives to transforming institutions. During my visit to Holly Springs, Mississippi, I visit David Beckley, in his … Read more >>

Non-profit “Baby Steps” is a success story in mostly poor Okolona, Mississippi

After seven weeks of visiting places that remind us of America’s problems (prison, homeless camp, lynching site) we decide to search for places that are helping to solve the country’s problems. We discover Baby Steps, a … Read more >>

Trying to pinpoint a spy from the Freedom Summer: Our visit to Rust College in Holly Springs, MS

In 1998, while directing the journalism program at Emory University, I received a chilling telephone call from Emory law professor David J. Garrow. Garrow said that my name showed up in the recently released, 134,000-page file … Read more >>